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  Code: HR-071
  Price: Rs 11,999/-
  Support Upto : 8 GB Card
  Battery backup : 3-4 Hours
  Warranty :1 Year Warranty
  Shipping Time :1-2 working days
  Shipping Charges :Domestic : Rs.200.00
  COD Services :Available in DELHI & NCR only
  Courier Via:Blue Dart & DTDC

We provide technically advance Socket Camera that has high resolution feature. The Socket Appearance Spy Camera DVR is very easy to install and is difficult detect. It automatically enters the video mode at last five minutes and saves the video when outside voice is more than 65 DB. Further, the machine again re-enter video mode if the voice is again more than 65 DB that make the video for more 5 minutes and then saves it with consistent repetition.

  • Product description:

    • Perfect design style, remote control, convenient and easy   video/monitor.
    • AVI format video recording, convenient PC directly play, easily upload   video website.
    • High speed dynamic video, light and shade environment instant   response.
    • Built-in lithium battery for 3 hours continuous use. 
    • Fool-operation, the integration lamp control indicator.
    • Mini USB can computer charging and image upload download   transmission function.

    Operating instructions:

    1. Open power: inside machine ON/OFF power key to ON dial position,     power open.
    2. Boot: in power open state, long by remote control A key three     seconds, machine long shock three seconds, the red light comes on,     already boot.
    3. Photo: another boot state, press the B key once, a vibration machine,     lamp shining once, take a picture and preserve, this cycle.
    4. Camera: another boot condition, long press B key three seconds, two     machines vibration, light three flashes, into the camera state,     suspended by B key once, a vibration machine, indicator light is     bright,   stop the camera and save.
    5. Shutdown: long press A key three seconds, vibration machine two     seconds, light out, shut down.
    6. Shut OFF the power: inside machine ON/OFF power dial the to the     OFF position, power close.


    • Battery:                      3.7 V .
    • Battery capacities:     650 MAH.
    • Video format:             AVI .
    • Resolution:                Video 1280 * 960 * 720 * 480 * 480 according to                                     request custom make photos 1600 * 1200 . 
    • Dimensions:              Length 21cm * 10 cm * 2.8 cm weight: 0.3 kg.

1. The remote control failure cases, see the following the     remote control in key operation time on the remote control of     the lantern fair won't light up, if press the red button or     other key under the condition of the light doesn't work means     that the inside of the remote control of the battery power has     run out. Now you can open the back the remote control of a     screw. See for yourself this remote control inside the cell     model, or take the original battery to the store to buy a pack     up later 
2. Products at the back of the main power switch on to 1 key, at     the back of the light there is still no word on the light that has     run out of power, now need to put the main power switch on,     because this product only opened the tie at the back of the     main power switch to open next connection computer can     charge, charging time for three hours can full of. Then don't     close smoke at the back of the general power. Continue to     open state, long by remote control A key above three seconds,     the test equipment is imitation into electricity or whether video     and photos.
3. The remote control in normal circumstances and products are     electric power, the use of remote control photo and video are     not working circumstances. First turn on the computer     equipment connection. Open my computer, find out     removable disk. Find the disk machine after right click and     then see if attribute memory space already full. If blue a lot of     no red case description memory space has been filled with the     record, at this time to clean up disk file to solve the problem of     space. If machines memory inside of files on you to use words     you can copy it to your computer. The release of as far as     possible inside the equipment memory space, prevent you     continue to use the time space of not enough use.


Product in charge of the case may not use the remote control operation photos and videos, is like this very easy to burn out main board and chip.

1. Cannot boot first turn on the data line inserted on computer,    see whether connection, if the computer can't identify, in root    data line try again, if still no response, press the reset button,    try again.
2. Recording file cannot be played, may file with a virus, it is    suggested that in computer first antivirus or format file test    again.


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