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  Code: LP-002
  Price: Rs 25,500/-
  Range upto : 500 Meters
  Battery backup : Continue with Power Supply
  Warranty : 1 Year Warranty
  Shipping Time :1-2 working days
  Shipping Charges :Domestic : Rs.200.00
  COD Services :Available in DELHI & NCR only
  Courier Via:Blue Dart & DTDC

1. AS-030 is a narrow pulse nanosecond transmitting a wireless signal     technology is ideal for high-speed, short-distance wireless personal     communications.
2. AS-030 has a very strong ability of anti-multipath interference,     especially suitable for indoor complexenvironment to ensure high     sensitivity pickup to provide users with highly reliable wireless     transmission environment. Low-power, low-cost, high reliability. 


1. Smart Sound Monitor function. 

2. A radius of 1000 meters listener. 

3. Pickup 100 square meters. 

4. 48 hours long standby. 

5. Support work while charging. 

6. Support external audio listening.

7. Wireless audio monitoring.

8. Intelligent recording monitor.



1. Normal listening mode First, it is determined in transmitting     and receiving the normal case, the transmitter switch toggle to     ON, the lamp is lit on the machine, the transmitter has entered     into normal transmit signal state, and then opened receiver     knob switch receiver indicator lightsthe receiver can clearly     listening to the voice of the transmitter collected. Equipped     with headphones listens better; 

2. Voice-activated listening mode 
    First, it is determined in transmitting and receiving the normal     case, the transmitter switch toggle to voice listening mode, the     indicator lights on the machine, the transmitter has transmit     signal enters a wait state, and then the receiver knob switch is     open, the receiver directionslights, when the emitter     surrounding sounds greater than 60 decibels, the transmitter     will enter the state of the transmission signal, the receiver can     now clear listening to the voice of the transmitter collected.     Equipped with headphones listens better; 

3. Recording listener mode 
    First, the TF card is inserted into the receiver card slot, and     then open the transmit and receive switch, the received signal     in the normal case, click the Record button on the receiver     starts recording, the recording indicator starts flashing slowly.     After the completion of the recording, short press the stop     button automatically save the recording file. 

4. Recording playback mode 
    Switch to turn the knob of the receiver, and the normal     standby state, press the play button, the machine will     automatically play the last paragraph of the audio file. Long     three seconds, press the play button to delete the recordings. 

5.MP3 playback mode 
    Open receiver, into the normal standby state, long press MP3     switch button, the machine will automatically according to the     order of play MP3. Can according to their own needs     operation to find their own love songs. 



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